The EB-5 Regional Center Program sets aside 10,000 green cards each year for foreign investors who invest in EB-5 qualified projects. 

In addition, the program is one of the most flexible immigrant investor programs in the world. The program has:
  • No language requirement
  • No business or management experience requirement
  • No quota backlogs (there are multi-year backlogs for many employment and family-based green card categories, but there is no quota backlog for the EB-5 investor category)
  • No sponsor needed (foreign investors use their own personal funds and do not require sponsorship from either an employer or a family member)
  • Investment capital can come from a gift, inheritance, business ownership or other lawful activities
  • Investors are not required to manage their investment on a daily basis so they may pursue other professional and personal ventures


    The process of obtaining a green card and permanent resident status through your investment in the RGC can be broken down to the following 9 steps:

    • Step 1: The investor is given a Confidential Offering Memorandum describing in detail the proposed RGC investment project.

    • Step 2: If interested in investing in the project, the investor signs the Subscription Agreement and other required documents.  The investor also deposits US$500,000 and an administrative fee into a federal government agency insured escrow account.

    • Step 3: The investor’s attorney prepares and files the I-526 Petition with USCIS.

    • Step 4: When the I-526 Petition is approved, the US$500,000 is unconditionally released from the escrow account and invested in the real estate project.

    • Step 5: Following approval of the I-526 Petition, the investor will be given a U.S. Consular Interview in the investor’s home country or if the investor resides in the U.S., receive an adjustment of status. Following the interview, the investor and family members enter the United States to receive a conditional green card.

    • Step 6: Upon receipt of the conditional green card, the investor and family are free to live anywhere in the United States with unrestricted travel and work rights.

    • Step 7: After two years, the investor’s attorney files an I-829 Petition to make the investor’s green card permanent, rather than “conditional.” The RGC will assist the investor and his or her attorney in the preparation of the application.

    • Step 8: Upon approval of the I-829 Petition, the conditional status of the green card is removed and the investor’s green card is deemed permanent.

    • Step 9: After 5 years of issuance of the conditional green card (and maintaining the full investment in the RGC investment project), the investor and family may apply for U.S. citizenship.

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